Send your horse dog cat or family photograph to  portrait artist Louise Scott

 Louise Scott likes to work from good quality, sharply focused animal photographs.  The better the photograph you can provide her with, the better your completed portrait will be.  

Photographs can be sent by email or post.  The greatest of care will be taken with any photographs sent to The artist by mail and will be returned immediately.  

Louise Scott ideally requires a series of photographs as different images may show the different qualities of your animal.  For example one may show clear eyes, another a glossy coat or a favourite toy that perhaps you would like included in the portrait.  

Flying eared beagle caught on artist Louise camera Beagle waiting for snack on pet portrait artist site Beagle posing for pet portrait

Send your  photographs to Louise. Tell her which one you like the best. which photo captures the true colour / expression / character of your horse, gundog, working dog or pet.

If you mail your photos please take care not to write directly on the back of them as it can damage the photograph.

The artist Louise Scott uses a mixture of pastel sticks and pencils working on sanded and textured pastel papers.  The papers have a “tooth” which holds the medium.  Louise employs a very different technique from  oils.  The colours are mixed on the paper itself by blending; overlaying; smudging; and teasing to attain the desired effect.

The portrait artist uses a palette board that originally belonged to her mother.  She has a vast range of brushes including bristle and sable hogg to achieve different effects in her painting.  Louise uses Palette knives for mixing colours on the board and for painting larger portraits

Art dog portrait can have your chosen background

Prices shown are for single colour or muted backgrounds.  If you would like a Landscape Background with your animal’s portrait, The Artist can do this for you.  There is an extra charge for this and a minimum size of 12 x 16 inches.

Irish terrier and wee one too on pet portrait

Prices shown are for a single animal.  You can have another pet or animal added to the same Portrait for an additional cost.

Louise Scott artist welcomes commissions for any animal

The artist of animals welcomes Commissions for any animals.  Please contact Louise for a no-obligation quote.

Pastels are manufactured from powder pigments mixed

with a base and a binder.  The quantities of base and binder vary to produce hard or  soft pastels.   

Your pet portrait will last a lifetime but it is important that you take care to protect and frame it behind glass as soon as you are able.

Your beautiful pet or equine pastel portrait will include a backing board and a professionally cut double mount / matt.  

                                         The mount comes with a neutral ph non-acidic white core.  This core will stay white for the lifetime of the board and is at the commended level of The Fine Art Guild.  

Leonardo Da Vinci was a pioneer of pastels and the first to mention them in 1495.  

Paintings by these Masters still reveal the intensity and vibrancy of the colours as fresh as the day they were created .  They are a durable and permanent medium.

Other famous artist that used pastels include Degas, Renoir, Gauguin and Toulouse Lautrec.    

advantages.  It allows the artist time to mix colours; over paint in layers; and create textures on the surface of the canvas.  

Oils are pigments suspended in oil.  The slow-drying nature of the medium provides

Your Oil Painted Portrait of your horse, dog or cat  will be created for you with    

 the finest Daler Rowney oil paints. Skilfully applied to a stretched and primed canvas. Your portrait comes to you ready to frame.

Oils have a long tradition of association with artists of high calibre

such as Van Gogh, Constable and Turner.  The first oils used by The Masters were closely guarded recipe secrets. The medium is renowned for its resilience and the strength of its bright transparent and opaque colours.

The family and pet artist  Louise aims to produce your original equine, gundog, working dog or pet portrait within four weeks of accepting the Commission.

 The time may vary as she works on a first come basis.   Time will depend on the number of Commissions being worked on.  Large family or pet portrait oil paintings may take longer to dry.

If you require your family or pet portrait for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary contact Louise as soon as you can.   The artist can plan her schedule to deliver to you for the agreed date.


Don’t worry

Louise can arrange to visit you to take your animal portrait photographs

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